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Joe Polito x Gaygenda Magazine
Looking for hilarious and relatable gay content to fill your feed? Here’s Joe Polito. This star is providing much-needed LGBTQ+ representation.
Noah Davis x Gaygenda Magazine
👋 Welcome to Noah’s Issue 0:00/1×Noah Davis is an artist, singer, songwriter, and is “in the business of being a bad bitch.” The LA-based musician is known for his absolute bops with catchy lyrics that speak to the queer experience and are enjoyed by everyone. We got
Eric Sedeño x Gaygenda Magazine
👋 Welcome to Eric’s Issue 0:00/1×It’s always a breath of fresh air to see a creator online bringing nothing but pure joy. Eric Sedeño, AKA ricotaquito online, brings his personal brand of chaotic, lighthearted humor to TikTok in short videos that show you just how much
Left at London x Gaygenda Magazine
👋 Welcome to Left at London’s Issue Photography: Madison KirkmanLeft at London, also known as Nat (she/her), is an indie-pop musician, poet, and online personality from Seattle, Washington. She launched her online career on Vine, growing a following for her comedy and song parodies, and began relea…

GM002 ⋅ NOV-DEC 2021

  • Yasmin Benoit ⋅ Digital
  • Jen Winston ⋅ Digital
  • Gayish Podcast
  • Rachel Britton
  • Danté

GM001 SEPT-OCT 2021

  • Rio Romeo ⋅ Digital
  • Nick Mehterian
  • Zane Zupan
  • Kale B.