Fall Photo Tips for 2022

Fall Photo Tips for 2022
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash
Grace Schwartz | Erika Della Cioppa

All images in this article were taken by Grace Schwartz!

Fall is such a beautiful season that it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be consumed by the urge to take pictures of it all. But figuring out how to take the perfect picture can often be overwhelming — but don’t worry, here are some tips to help you take the best fall pictures you can!

Try looking for a new perspective.

We tend to always capture images from the same heights and angles, which isn’t necessarily bad, but it can get a little boring. Try changing your angles. Take images from a bird’s eye view, or get real low and look up in your photo. It can elongate your subject and throw off the proportions, making the image look really cool. It can also help you uncover unique details like blades of grass framing your photo.

Try focusing on a range of different items as you take photos.

Don’t be afraid to take bad photos. Look for anything with detail and try to capture it in a unique way. Any photos you don’t like can just be deleted later, but you can’t go back to that moment to try something you wish you did. Try zooming in on your photo and getting up close and personal with a subject. But, also don’t be afraid to step back to capture the whole picture. For example, while those dew drops on that spider web would make a really cool photo,  the door it’s on could make a cool photo as well.

Try changing the depth of your photo’s focus.

While those branches right in front of you might make a great photo, maybe focusing on the background with the branches as a frame would look great as well. Try changing your perspective and messing around with which layer of the image you choose to focus on.

Try taking photos in different conditions (While keeping your equipment safe, of course.)

Sure, photos taken during golden hour can be great, but what about capturing fog? What about water droplets on leaves, or fresh dew in the mornings? Try taking photos when the sun is high and shining through the leaves, but also try taking photos when the sun is low and just under them. While it may seem pointless or annoying to take photos at so many different times, the environment you take your photos in can greatly impact the details you get in your photos, and sometimes something you capture might surprise you.

Now, armed with these tips, go forth and feel confident during your next fall photoshoot!