Poland: The War for Women’s Rights

Poland: The War for Women’s Rights
Photo by Rafał Szczawiński / Unsplash
Anna | Ellie Brown

Outrage has struck amongst hundreds of thousands of women in Poland as of October 22nd, when the Polish Constitutional Tribunal decided to ban all abortions regardless of circumstance.

The people’s response to the injustice of the new law was immediate: over 430,000 men, women, and children took to the streets all around the country despite the pandemic, stopping roads and storming churches.

Protests of this size have not been seen in Poland since the Solidarity movement in the 1980s, which caused the collapse of the Communist government.

Many of those who are anti-abortion attempted to stop the blockades and the destruction of the churches only to irritate the infuriated crowd more.

The protesters (consisting of individuals as young as fifteen) have created a series of demands regarding the law, one of them being the government’s resignation.

As the rallies grow in numbers and in violence, the current president, Andrzej Sebastian Duda has backed down and decided to propose a new bill that would legalize abortions (in cases of certain fetal defects); nonetheless, the protesters continue their battle for equal rights for all women regardless of circumstance.

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