Todrick Hall's EP 'Haus Party, Pt. 3' Is Nothing Short of LGBT+ Excellence

Todrick Hall's EP 'Haus Party, Pt. 3' Is Nothing Short of LGBT+ Excellence

Todrick Hall dropped his latest EP, Haus Party Pt. 3 – and it is everything.

The EP has seven tracks in total, covering themes of love, heartache, developing a crush, self-love, and more. In total, the EP runs for 24 minutes and 51 seconds – but you’ll find yourself playing it on repeat again and again.

The Gay Experience

Hall was able to capture the gay experience in a way that feels unique and, unfortunately, uncommon. Tracks like “Blue”, “Don’t Stop”, and “Enough” feel like a retelling of a love story made for us: the LGBT community. While listening through the EP, you can’t help but relate to the feelings of finally accepting yourself, of being trapped in an unhealthy relationship, or of receiving love and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

A Star to Keep Watching

After capturing the internet’s attention in 2020 with his instant spin-off hit “Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs”, a remake of his 2019 “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” from Haus Party Pt. 1, it is no surprise that Hall is a talent that will stay at the forefront of our minds for a long time to come. In this latest EP, we hear a new and different addition to Hall’s discography – one that gets more intimate with his struggles in past relationships.

Each Song Gets Us In Our Feels

One of the main tracks, “Blue, recounts all of the feelings that come up with falling quickly in love with someone.

The song “Love Me Black” focuses on giving himself and others permission to fully love themselves and their skin.

Dysfunctional” describes the ups and downs of staying in a toxic relationship, as well as the allure of doing so.

In “A Little in Love, Hall serves us an upbeat love song for a boy, recounting their brief time together.

Don’t Stop” tells the all-too-familiar feeling of his skepticism toward being loved and appreciated the way he deserves.

Enough” is an anthem for self-love that I think we could all stand to play on repeat and sing in the shower a few times over.

The hit “Pink Dreams” shares the experience of falling for a boy that has no idea.

Haus Party Pt. 3 may be one of Todrick Hall’s strongest EPs to date, and it leaves us wanting more and more. Hall’s ability to reach his base through relatable LGBT+ experiences of love and heartbreak ensures that we will be eagerly following what he does next.