Tven Romero's Latest Single: Pajarito Mas Bonito 🐦

Tven Romero's Latest Single: Pajarito Mas Bonito 🐦
"Pajarito Mas Bonito' is Spanish for "prettiest little birdie': but I'm not talking about real birds..." - TVEN

Who is Tven Romero? In Tven's own words, he is chaotic and a bit psychotic. Tven (pronounced 'T-ven') was born and raised in Los Angeles and has always loved to express himself through music and content. His newest song 'Pajarito Mas Bonito' is now available for streaming everywhere.

Check out the music video for 'Pajarito Mas Bonito' here👇

Sharing his life across social media and through music, Tven continues to be a shining example of an unapologetically gay, slightly reckless twenty-year-old. His love for Pop, Rap, and Latin music comes through in his edgy aesthetic and cheeky lyricism.

"My songs are kind of my self-affirmations to remind myself that I am and always will be that bitch." - TVEN

Tven Romero's latest release, 'Pajarito Mas Bonito', is a cheeky Latin-rap anthem written specifically for the gays. The track directly translates to ‘prettiest little birdie' (🍆), and we can promise you Tven is no ornithologist...🐦

If you’re on the ~fruity~ side of TikTok, otherwise known as the best side of TikTok, you’ve probably already seen some of Tven's content in your FYP. His video are sure to deliver your recommended daily dosage of chaotic gay entertainment. With several videos going viral on the platform, Tven's content is sure to become immortalized in gay TikTok compilations for ages to come.

Specifically, this iconic video:

@tvenromero Ahhh… 👀👀 #fyp #dentist #lgbt #gay ♬ nosey nelly - kardashianicon

When asked about the process of writing 'Pajarito Mas Bonito', Tven shared that the song came to him at his Abuelita's house after hearing birds singing outside (real-life birds this time, for the record 🐦). After Tven got the idea for the song, he finished it with his younger brother - who also helped him put together the music video.

"We pretty much grew up at my Abuelita's house. One day I started hearing these birds sing so beautifully at grandma's, so I went outside to check it out and then I came back to my room and started writing `Pajarito Mas Bonito.' Once I caught the vibe for the song, I thought the song was really funny so I had to send it to my little brother. Then we ended up writing the rest of the song together." - TVEN

Tven’s most popular song to date is ‘Bad Idea’, which has amassed 499k streams on Spotify. His new release is a different vibe to his previous discography, and it feels like an evolution into a really interesting artistic direction. Tven's music is an upbeat look into gay romance, relationships, and hookups — themes that the gay community has trouble finding in music and pop-culture representation today.

Pajarito Mas Bonito' is now available for download and streaming everywhere.