Writing and How it Can Help You

Writing and How it Can Help You
Abby Skye | Katie Mulcahy

Writing books, poems, scripts, and other forms of literature is very important for people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Not only can writing help deter harmful stereotypes, but it can also help raise awareness of struggles found within the community. Most importantly, it can bring forward more representation in this modern era, which in turn is often accompanied by more acceptance. Acceptance is something that is, unfortunately, lacking when it comes to people recognizing the LGBTQ+ community in many places.

Authors come from all walks of life, different regions of the world, different levels of education, different experiences, and different lifestyles. All authors are individuals and their writing reflects that. Writing can depend on things the author likes or doesn’t like. If they want to know more information or if the author has a lot of knowledge on a particular topic, they can write about that too. It can be actual experiences, ones based on something that could happen in someone’s real life, or fake if that’s what you would prefer to write.

There is no one right or wrong way to write.

There are many different genres of writing, meaning there’s always something for everyone to read and write on. Composing literature can be as personal or as general as the author wants, which makes it an excellent pastime and gives it a bit of a therapeutic value for many people as well. There are many different forms of writing, so however you decide to configure it is right! Including if you decide you do or do not want to release it to the world or not.

Writing and publication should not be something people feel forced to do. Like many other things, it is a form of creativity and imagination that no one can pressure into being created. It is a process that may take time. Many people assume that if you like to write, you have to make a career out of it or it will seem wasted, which is simply not true. Writing can be just a hobby if the idea of publishing seems a bit too stressful or strenuous, many people are self-conscious of their writing ability. Writing shouldn’t be stressful, but rather an individual art form.

If people do decide they want to be a published author, they take their time with their writing. They tend to write about something relative to them that they think other people can and will benefit from as well. There are many ways that publishing your work can assist other people in many ways, such as entertainment or knowledge. There is a spectrum that people write on, which influences how people benefit from reading published writings. On the opposite sides of this spectrum are nonfiction and fiction.

Fiction writing can be many genres and usually is for entertainment purposes. There are many genres of fiction writing, such as science-fiction or fantasy. Many people write fiction because they like the idea of making a world that they can control. Meanwhile, the real world is hectic and unpredictable, making writing sometimes a good escape from the stress. In fiction writing, people can personify different emotions and use them to help cope or convey their thoughts more easily through concrete ideas. Fiction writing can also take place for the fun of it, like having characters go on cool adventures just because you want to.  If you are writing for the sake of it, that is still an excellent reason to write. All ideas for why you think you should create literature are valid and accepted, and you should never feel embarrassed about your creativity.

Realistic fiction is kind of the “grey zone” that can shift from fiction and nonfiction. Realistic fiction is the most commonly written genre and the most common literature is in this category. Some of the genres in this category include historical fiction, horror, and romance. Most stories in these genres may not have happened in reality but have the possibility of having transpired before. Realistic fiction is typically easy to understand and has a nice balance of probability and imagination. Because the fiction scale is a spectrum, realistic fiction means that you can have a wide variety of stories. You could have a highly probable idea with a little bit of fabrication, an overall imagined tale with a bit of possibility, or something in between. It is your writing, so it is entirely up to you what you would like to write and how realistic or unrealistic you would like it to be.

The final category is non-fiction, which, like the other writing styles, contains various ways that it can be written. Some genres that follow the non-fiction category include historical telling and informative. Informative is more based on conveying information, like a National Geographic magazine. Meanwhile, the historical telling genre gives a very factual and correct story of a real event. Non-fiction also includes published diaries, biographies, autobiographies, and informative essays. As an author, you may have written non-fiction before either for school or if you keep a journal for yourself. Many people enjoy non-fiction reading and writing because it conveys two main ideas. The first is of learning new things, which could be something you intentionally seek out or something you stumble across. The second idea is a sense of not going through something alone if they have access to material where someone tells their story of going through the same thing. Non-fiction writing is typically more helpful for people seeking to gain knowledge, though not everyone likes to write it, and it’s perfectly okay if you don’t.

For many authors, writing has a beneficial therapeutic value to it.

They can freely express themselves, putting how they feel into words, which can in turn help people’s mental state. Writing can help to show a person’s individuality when it comes to imagination, preference, and life. Everyone is unique, and when people write about themselves, they let this individuality define them from everyone else, letting their stories get told. When people write original content, they show their creativity and imagination as well, while also revealing how their mind has its uniqueness.  Not only does it help the writer, but the consumer also benefits from the author’s content. Reading and writing can also help make someone smarter, not just if it’s non-fiction, but different varieties of fiction and realistic fiction as well. Reading or watching someone read aloud is often a way people let go of stress for a while and can relax. Not only can it help people let loose, but some literature also contains genuine advice.  Certain content offers a way that people can access help or learn how to take care of themselves a bit better, which is a positive effect of embracing literature.

What holds writers back?

Unfortunately, an all too common thought prevents many people from becoming an author for themselves, and that is not thinking they can write very well. Many people believe that they can not write because they assume there is only one way to write, typically thinking that if they want to write, it has to be a novel. Many people are not comfortable with writing long durations, which is a perfectly normal and okay way to feel. The truth of the matter is, there are hundreds of writing types and styles. Among the forms of writing, there are scripts, poems, books, and music or lyrics – though the last two are a little different. Each of those types has its subgroups; for example, scripts can be for movies, musicals, or even plays. While on the other hand, poems have many different forms as well, including haikus, rhyme schemes, freewriting, long poems, short poems, and so many more. Various styles include minimalistic, concrete, defined, abstract, formal, informal. The method depends on what kind of tone and dialect you want to convey in your writing. You can mix and match your styles and form to get something unique to your taste that makes you happy and feel good about writing.

Another factor that tends to hold people back is they don’t want people to read what they write. This is a very valid way to feel, but it shouldn’t prevent you from writing. In an era of technology, there are so many ways you can keep your writing private and still be able to express yourself. There are countless locked diary-type books on the market, though if you aren’t really looking to buy one or you don’t like to physically write, there are multiple password-protected diary apps out there. If you can find a way to write that makes you feel comfortable, then it is highly suggested you give it a try if you haven’t before, you may even surprise yourself.

Literature is all-inclusive and does not belong to just one group of people.

It is to bring people together and to help people in some way, shape, or form. Literature does not only help to bring people together, though. It is necessary for cultures because it helps convey the story of the people, denounces stereotypes, and brings awareness to the community. Without literature, the world would be a lot more ignorant and bland. Luckily there are people out there who write and people who take it all in to keep the world entertained, learning, and encouraged.